Friday, 12 November 2010

Christmas Gig!

Hello people of the blogosphere,

We havent split up if anyone was wondering, we just cant play gigs because the logistics involved are just silly so we have to wait till the holiday periods to do gigs! Which means a christmas gig is in order! 23rd of Decemeber at fibbers with our friends in Littlemores and Trophy Club. Make sure you get down for it as we havent played together since August and we want to play the songs off our EP which is going to be released as soon as possible. Maybe next summer if we can get stuff sorted.

In other news Orlando's started a new project with Zefs Chasing Cara and fellow Gerga Forda member titled Einhorn, be sure to check them out at

The stuff they have showed me is pretty awesome and they should have some stuff up on there myspaz page soon. Also me and liam are looking for a bassist in leeds who is interested in playing a mix between meet me in st louis, fall of troy and many many 90's emo bands. Send me a message on facebook or something if your interested. Were bursting with ideas and want to gig very soon.

That was a shameless plug at other things on our bands blog, how very rude.

Anyway, 23rd of December. Fibbers, York. Come!

Love x

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