Thursday, 27 May 2010

Tape remix release.

Here is our new release.
Yes, its a remix album featuring some really great mixes from good friends.
It is very nearly finished and should be ready for you all in mid june.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Elections, Hard work and New things to come.

So last night we had the General election.
As you may have guessed we all voted LibDem & Labour!

Lets hope Nick can make a juicey deal with Gordon or whoever will be the next labour leader!
I stayed up all night to watch counts role in. Partly because it was thrilling TV and also a great excuse to stay up very late to do work!.

(cheeky Hugely ironic poster for our Botb the other week)

Which leads me on to saying we have all been very busy as individuals.
Liam doing lots of drum teaching, house hunting and drinking
Dan has been flying off to all sorts of places on the last work free leg of his gap year.
And i have been finishing my Exhibition for my Art Foundation course.

But as of monday we will all be free as pumpkin pasties and will be having a hardcore writing session (probably around a week) trying to finish our next record which wiull hopefully be recorded end of may/june time with amigo David Lawrie.

Photos, Sounds and videos all coming soon... probably.

'Til next time turtles!