Saturday, 12 December 2009


We just got back from our tour today, we have to say it was amazing and we want to get on the road again as soon as possible hopefully around april and may. But for now we will talk about the tour we just finished.

Nottingham -

When we got to the venue we have to admit we were apprehensive to say the least, i actually rang the guy that owned the venue because we got lost and he sounded just drunk and weird on the phone. He was drunk and weird in person too. He told us we weren't allowed through a certain door because a giant dog would kill us all. So you can imagine, first night on the road and we get this. However when we actually got round to playing we really enjoyed it and the crowd seemed to enjoy it and the promoter was a really cool guy. We also must apologize to Shield Your Eyes and Nitkowski. We really wanted to stay around to watch them but we wanted to get to London handy the next day so we had an early night. So if they ever read this then we are sorry we didn't watch you, please dont hate us. So yeah Nottingham all in all was a pretty good first show even though we thought it was gonna be horrible. Never judge a book by its cover i think the saying goes!

London -

London was not what it cracked up to be, the venue was good. But the gig wasn't we just werent the right band for the gig that was on. Although we really enjoyed looked around London and going to a few pubs and did a bit of sightseeing, the gig was just not good. And my guitar strap broke so i had to play the gig sat down. Balls.

Oxford -

Oxford, was fucking amazing. We got there in the afternoon and went to see The Decent: Part 2. Which was fucking hilarious, everything you would expect from a modern horror really. The we mooched around and found the venue and did some shopping. The gig went really well, but thanks to Jimmy the sound guy and Jamie Cooper for being amazing in literally every way. We had a very very very funny night with him and we hope to play with him again. His band Hreda were amazing and we appreciate everything he did for us. Thanks babe. Best night of the tour hands down.

Liverpool -

Liverpool was an ok ish gig but we didnt play till really late so we didnt get the crowd we wanted, we were also tired since Jamie took us to a crazy Jamaican bar till 3 in the morning the night before. It's all good though. But yes, an ok gig and a good last gig of the tour.

Thanks to everyone that watched us, bought our album, all the promoters that actually paid us, and Noel our driver who is a human sat-nav.

Special thanks to Jamie for helping us out a lottt. We hope to return the favour to him when he comes back to York, be it Hreda or This Town Needs Guns. We will help them out. We like making new friends :).

We have one more gig left for this year on the 20th with our boyfriends in Surprise... Fire. It's been a good year, we can't wait to tour again.

One Love x

Monday, 7 December 2009


We will be doing what every other band on the planet does and do a tour diary, but we want to. So fuck you haterzz!

Might as well start with the last 2 (should of been 3 shows we did).


Got cancelled due to flooding. Fuck.


Jack Will's - Well that was an experience, i think as a band it was like (we imagine) being raped of your morals. So we'd rather never speak of it again. Not that we arnt grateful for the opportunity, it just wasn't for us. At all.

Cockpit - Was a relatively good gig, we managed to sell a few pre-tour albums. And we played ok (i think). Thats about it for pre-tour gigs and whatnot. Expect a full juicy diary and hopefully videos of our antics soon.