Monday, 23 November 2009


We posted basically the same post twice, me and orlando didnt realize we were both blogging at the same time. Oh well, we were just being thorough i suppose. All the details are there, come watch us on tour.

Love x

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Tour Juice!

1st - Basement Bar - York
5th - Jack Will's Store (Afternoon Show(LOL)) - Leeds
5th - Cockpit - Leeds
8th - Chameleon - Nottingham
9th - 333 Mother - London
10th - The Cellar - Oxford
11th - Zanzibar - Liverpool

Driver - Freddie Holden (Bassist of Surprise... Fire)

Merch/General lolz - John and Jim (Best friends)

Also our official album launch will be the 9th of January, this time it will actually happen and it wont be just a headline gig. Hopefully a tour will follow in April after our stint in Cyprus, and maybe new recordings by next Summer. It's all gorge.

Lost From Atlas x


So, after a while of vigorous planning, and just a general 2 month long admin session, we have Album Tour sorted (and yes, we will have the album for it).

Firstly we have a few warm up, yorkshire dates (so we dont get home sick)
1st December - Basement, York - with Jumping Ships & Surprise...Fire
5th December - Jack Wills Store, Leeds (lolfest!)
5th December - Cockpit, Leeds - with Sawsound

Then rest our little bodies and say farewell to our parents and set off in a very large Thomas The Baker van!

Coming along with us will be:
Freddy Holden - Driver
John Rowe - Tour Guide
James Turner - Merch

8th December - Nottingham - with Shield Your Eyes &
9th December - london
10th December - Oxford - staying With This Town Needs Guns & Hreda Dj Set
11th December - Liverpool - Party down with C.Shardlow and the merseyside crew!

Then home.


Monday, 16 November 2009

Our headline gig

So we played probably our best show on Saturday (14th), the crowd were amazing and we were happy with our performance. Also all the support acts were fucking sick too. Big thankyou to Tom Welbrock for playing some piano pieces, it was a really cool way to start the gig. And also big thanks to Trophy Club and Surprise...Fire for being darlings.

There isnt really much to say, apart from our albums finally coming and we cant wait. Were taking it on tour with us so you will be able to get it if you come to see us on tour before our official album launch. Think of it as were luring you in, like a pedophile.

Love x

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

General Update of Band Happenings

I havent updated this in a while and there is many gorge things to talk about so il start from where we left off at the this town needs guns gig...

Although they missed most of our set because they were actually traveling to the gig itself, they were very nice people and as expected were awesome. Win.

But sometimes after good things, bad things happen. For example the people that were pressing our album have decided that we don't need our album for our album launch gig. Lovely.

This is explains all:


We have some very unfortunate news, due to unforeseen circumstances we will not have an album for sale on 14th november.
We are sorry we wont have the album but is completely out of our hands.
Basically the pressing plant that is producing our album has completely screwed us over and the albums will not be ready for the gig, and we don't know when they will be ready.
The gig is still going ahead as planned on the 14th november.
As a substitute for the absence of the album, you can know listen to the album version of "Tom Robinson Must Die" on myspace.
Hopefully we will have something as a substitute at the gig to."

So yeah, they shit on us. But we will have the album for our tour, so its not all doom and gloom.

So yeah, were off on tour in December, were proper exited about it since its our first tour but lots of planning is needed which annoying, but were hoping its going to be worth it. Were have about 7 gigs booked so far so it's looking good. We are just looking forward to playing different places other than York and Leeds. We are playing in a Jack Will's shop which is gonna be rock and roll from start to finish. If you know any of us then you will know that none of does or ever will own any jack wills clothing. But they did give us a gig so cheers.

Fucking hell, long blog.

Might as well keep writing, er had a stir fry for tea. It was well nice.

Think thats about all, hope everyone is enjoying the cold weather! We have a gig on saturday (14th) with our boyfriends again. So everyone should come and party on afterwards.

Love x