Saturday, 12 December 2009


We just got back from our tour today, we have to say it was amazing and we want to get on the road again as soon as possible hopefully around april and may. But for now we will talk about the tour we just finished.

Nottingham -

When we got to the venue we have to admit we were apprehensive to say the least, i actually rang the guy that owned the venue because we got lost and he sounded just drunk and weird on the phone. He was drunk and weird in person too. He told us we weren't allowed through a certain door because a giant dog would kill us all. So you can imagine, first night on the road and we get this. However when we actually got round to playing we really enjoyed it and the crowd seemed to enjoy it and the promoter was a really cool guy. We also must apologize to Shield Your Eyes and Nitkowski. We really wanted to stay around to watch them but we wanted to get to London handy the next day so we had an early night. So if they ever read this then we are sorry we didn't watch you, please dont hate us. So yeah Nottingham all in all was a pretty good first show even though we thought it was gonna be horrible. Never judge a book by its cover i think the saying goes!

London -

London was not what it cracked up to be, the venue was good. But the gig wasn't we just werent the right band for the gig that was on. Although we really enjoyed looked around London and going to a few pubs and did a bit of sightseeing, the gig was just not good. And my guitar strap broke so i had to play the gig sat down. Balls.

Oxford -

Oxford, was fucking amazing. We got there in the afternoon and went to see The Decent: Part 2. Which was fucking hilarious, everything you would expect from a modern horror really. The we mooched around and found the venue and did some shopping. The gig went really well, but thanks to Jimmy the sound guy and Jamie Cooper for being amazing in literally every way. We had a very very very funny night with him and we hope to play with him again. His band Hreda were amazing and we appreciate everything he did for us. Thanks babe. Best night of the tour hands down.

Liverpool -

Liverpool was an ok ish gig but we didnt play till really late so we didnt get the crowd we wanted, we were also tired since Jamie took us to a crazy Jamaican bar till 3 in the morning the night before. It's all good though. But yes, an ok gig and a good last gig of the tour.

Thanks to everyone that watched us, bought our album, all the promoters that actually paid us, and Noel our driver who is a human sat-nav.

Special thanks to Jamie for helping us out a lottt. We hope to return the favour to him when he comes back to York, be it Hreda or This Town Needs Guns. We will help them out. We like making new friends :).

We have one more gig left for this year on the 20th with our boyfriends in Surprise... Fire. It's been a good year, we can't wait to tour again.

One Love x

Monday, 7 December 2009


We will be doing what every other band on the planet does and do a tour diary, but we want to. So fuck you haterzz!

Might as well start with the last 2 (should of been 3 shows we did).


Got cancelled due to flooding. Fuck.


Jack Will's - Well that was an experience, i think as a band it was like (we imagine) being raped of your morals. So we'd rather never speak of it again. Not that we arnt grateful for the opportunity, it just wasn't for us. At all.

Cockpit - Was a relatively good gig, we managed to sell a few pre-tour albums. And we played ok (i think). Thats about it for pre-tour gigs and whatnot. Expect a full juicy diary and hopefully videos of our antics soon.


Monday, 23 November 2009


We posted basically the same post twice, me and orlando didnt realize we were both blogging at the same time. Oh well, we were just being thorough i suppose. All the details are there, come watch us on tour.

Love x

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Tour Juice!

1st - Basement Bar - York
5th - Jack Will's Store (Afternoon Show(LOL)) - Leeds
5th - Cockpit - Leeds
8th - Chameleon - Nottingham
9th - 333 Mother - London
10th - The Cellar - Oxford
11th - Zanzibar - Liverpool

Driver - Freddie Holden (Bassist of Surprise... Fire)

Merch/General lolz - John and Jim (Best friends)

Also our official album launch will be the 9th of January, this time it will actually happen and it wont be just a headline gig. Hopefully a tour will follow in April after our stint in Cyprus, and maybe new recordings by next Summer. It's all gorge.

Lost From Atlas x


So, after a while of vigorous planning, and just a general 2 month long admin session, we have Album Tour sorted (and yes, we will have the album for it).

Firstly we have a few warm up, yorkshire dates (so we dont get home sick)
1st December - Basement, York - with Jumping Ships & Surprise...Fire
5th December - Jack Wills Store, Leeds (lolfest!)
5th December - Cockpit, Leeds - with Sawsound

Then rest our little bodies and say farewell to our parents and set off in a very large Thomas The Baker van!

Coming along with us will be:
Freddy Holden - Driver
John Rowe - Tour Guide
James Turner - Merch

8th December - Nottingham - with Shield Your Eyes &
9th December - london
10th December - Oxford - staying With This Town Needs Guns & Hreda Dj Set
11th December - Liverpool - Party down with C.Shardlow and the merseyside crew!

Then home.


Monday, 16 November 2009

Our headline gig

So we played probably our best show on Saturday (14th), the crowd were amazing and we were happy with our performance. Also all the support acts were fucking sick too. Big thankyou to Tom Welbrock for playing some piano pieces, it was a really cool way to start the gig. And also big thanks to Trophy Club and Surprise...Fire for being darlings.

There isnt really much to say, apart from our albums finally coming and we cant wait. Were taking it on tour with us so you will be able to get it if you come to see us on tour before our official album launch. Think of it as were luring you in, like a pedophile.

Love x

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

General Update of Band Happenings

I havent updated this in a while and there is many gorge things to talk about so il start from where we left off at the this town needs guns gig...

Although they missed most of our set because they were actually traveling to the gig itself, they were very nice people and as expected were awesome. Win.

But sometimes after good things, bad things happen. For example the people that were pressing our album have decided that we don't need our album for our album launch gig. Lovely.

This is explains all:


We have some very unfortunate news, due to unforeseen circumstances we will not have an album for sale on 14th november.
We are sorry we wont have the album but is completely out of our hands.
Basically the pressing plant that is producing our album has completely screwed us over and the albums will not be ready for the gig, and we don't know when they will be ready.
The gig is still going ahead as planned on the 14th november.
As a substitute for the absence of the album, you can know listen to the album version of "Tom Robinson Must Die" on myspace.
Hopefully we will have something as a substitute at the gig to."

So yeah, they shit on us. But we will have the album for our tour, so its not all doom and gloom.

So yeah, were off on tour in December, were proper exited about it since its our first tour but lots of planning is needed which annoying, but were hoping its going to be worth it. Were have about 7 gigs booked so far so it's looking good. We are just looking forward to playing different places other than York and Leeds. We are playing in a Jack Will's shop which is gonna be rock and roll from start to finish. If you know any of us then you will know that none of does or ever will own any jack wills clothing. But they did give us a gig so cheers.

Fucking hell, long blog.

Might as well keep writing, er had a stir fry for tea. It was well nice.

Think thats about all, hope everyone is enjoying the cold weather! We have a gig on saturday (14th) with our boyfriends again. So everyone should come and party on afterwards.

Love x

Monday, 12 October 2009

This town needs guns!

We played with This Town Needs Guns @ Fibbers last friday. They are always a pleasure play with and are incredibly nice chaps! (even if they were 4 hours late). their new song was amazing with just out of this world tapping. here is the poster i made for it.
there is some good stuff coming up on here, so be patient and you will be rewarded!
till next time!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Another good week

Had a band practise yesterday, wrote a new song. Sounds good.
Today we had a very different but awesome band practise for another project we have at the moment and were very exited about it, its gonna be sweeeet.
Me and Liam are now sat in Fibbers looking forward to nights gig and then looking forward to partying afterwards!

We're also playing with This Town Needs Guns next friday too which we cant wait for!

See you on the flip side! x

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sick weekend

We played the Library in Leeds on Friday night although it wasnt exactly packed it was still a good laugh and the people that were there seemed to enjoy it. Orlando's mum said we "had a very powerful sound" which was pretty sick. When stayed at Orlando's that night and got Papa Gino's takeaway (jesus christ it was fucking amazing), and then watched Layer Cake which was also very good even though we all fell asleep.

Me and liam then drove home in the morning listening to some Death Cab For Cutie, Brand New and Dananananaykroyd which was nice.

This takes us to Saturday night, where we played the Surprise... Fire gig. That was pretty gorge to say the least, much banter and good times were had. I got some photos with a paralytic boy outside a club which was pretty funny.

Hopefully photos will be up soon.
Fucking Prawn.


Monday, 14 September 2009

EP Review.

EP Review!

"Young as yet unsigned York three-piece Lost From Atlas are quite easily my favourite local band. They play a tight post-rock instrumental indie rock hybrid in the vain of American Football, Owls or Cap’n Jazz you know those Kinsella bands with the technical melodic tappy guitar style that sounds so distinctive, you know the stuff it often twists and turns from section to section changing time signatures or at least the perception of time signatures by flipping the groove and switching up or breaking down, I guess you could call it math-rock. It’s quite hard to pin down and that’s what I like about, there is a free flowing energy to it all that gets quite addictive. Now I’m not sure these bands I’ve mentioned above are the main influence I’ve not asked… but it they may well be in debt, well not in debt but you know inspired by some of the new school adopters of this sound, you know the likes of This Town Needs Guns and Meet Me In St. Louis from the Big Scary Monster rosters or the more post-rock crowd like Tera Melos, 65daysofstatic or even more well known types like Foals or Battles. Which is music that has been a source of enjoyment for me for some time now so when I accidentally stumble upon Lost From Atlas doing their thing so well in my local venues then it’s defiantly something I want to support.

The demo EP was recorded in a home studio in a live and sexy way just drums, bass and guitar. Just five tracks long it’s a taster of things to come and captures the bands performance well. Just like in the live sets there is no let up, tracks melt into each other in one continues energetic, twisting piece of work. They are all very competent musicians and the music can be pretty technical at times but they don’t veer into guitar wank outs, you can tell this music comes out of wanting to make an interesting physical experience rather than cranking out the wank for the sake of it. The stripped back grooves, melodic shimmering guitars and tight bass are all they need to create some quality songs.

The CD or download opener ‘Interlude 1’ is a cracker plus after hearing it live it has to be one of my favourites just for the guitar technique I like to call ‘The Ball Scratcher’ where the volume nob is opened and closed while plucking to create a kind of gated lfo type effect... if I’ve got my synth speak correct, I can’t think of another way of saying it apart from that’s ‘The Ball Scratcher’ as it really does look like he’s playing and well you get the idea... The demo also features a live version of ‘Smalltown Gypsy Massacre’ which has some really nice harmonics that ring out in a melodic fashion before they throw some rock shapes with some stop start bursts of riffs and a tapped out disco section. Maybe the highlight of the demo for me though is ‘Tom Robinson Must Die!’ a remix of this also appears on the CD with housey piano’s and a peak time indie remix feel, it’s a pretty good effort really but the original is the one for me. A catchy melodic opening with a nice bouncy, breezy feel kicks it off before some scratchy riffs pick up the pace a little. The spaced out mid section is a treat too with fast tappy parts and tight locked grooves, things really build when the riffs get rocking again though and before you know it a full on chorus of gang vocals take the track higher and its over.

Lost From Atlas are currently unsigned, playing many gigs and recording their debut album in a home studio. But for now you can download their debut EP either from their myspace or bellow."

Review by:


Also we might crack some artwork stuff up here, we'll see what happens. New song on myspace coming soon too, when we can decide which one to put up! Just finished "New Moon" today too, so good. Just been watching trailers for the new film on youtube. Siked!



Thanks to all you lovely people we have reached 250+ downloads on our EP! so thank you to everybody who downloaded it and we hope you enjoyed it!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

awesome photo shoot

We just finished an awesome photo shoot over the weekend with good friend Freddy Bulmer so look forward to some new photos coming up soon! In abit!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

District 9 & Dozza's blackout

Last night we all went to see District 9 which turned out to be totally bone!
Shortly after I fell down some stairs, cracked my head open and had a complete blackout... which was nice. subsequently i am feeing rather concussed and have a massive gash on my head which sort of looks like a thuggish version of Action Mans eyebrow scar.
Anyway we are playing in Joseph rowntrees theater tomorrow for a charity show organized by Rebecca lewis, so hopefully we can raise lots of money for it.
See you later!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Thursday, 3 September 2009

New stuff

Orlando usually does these things but since he's at college at the moment and im bumming around my house reading The Twilight Saga which is fucking amazing by the way (i dont care what you say). Erm yes.. i thought id take over blogging duties and stuff since i appear to have a lot of free time.

Anyway updates...

We recorded our album a few weeks ago with David Lawrie, check him out. A damn fine producer he is. (Imagine Hagrid saying that from Harry Potter, so good.) But yes anyway, we recorded it and we are very happy with it even though the hours we worked were insane. I was doing guitar parts at 5 in the morning, it was horrible. We are just getting pressing costs and all that sorted, we hope everyone likes it.

Erm our boyfriends in Surprise... Fire did us proud the other day by playing reading and leeds festival which is impressive considering they have only had 6 gigs. Jelous.

Anyway thats all for now i think, enjoy the miserable weather!

Love x

Tuesday, 24 March 2009