Thursday, 29 April 2010


Our mate Sean who kindly asked us to go some live recording at Ghost Town Studios has got his blog up and running.

Its a really awesome blog/website with tons of cool stuff on there including live video's and audio tracks, hopefully as he said it will be happening on a regular basis so the only way is up! There is some audio tracks from us up and video of Blacklisters, but there will be videos and audio of both bands up sooooon.

On another note we got to the final of the York Fibbers Battle Of The Bands which is pretty good, we actually came second in the competition but the judges or someone put us through to the final. Total curve ball! Anyway were one final step closer to the prize money and all that. And as well weapon say the juicy merch, which will be coming regardless but if we win more merch will be printed.

Its the Well Weapon Launch Gig tonight, everyone in the world should come.

xStay Truex

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