Sunday, 31 January 2010

Whats going down in the hood these days

Stuff is going along nicely at the moment really, we have a gig with Rolo Tomassi on the 8th of February which will be very fun and the battle of the bands which should also be a good laugh.

Danny is also now in Gerga Forda ( with friends Tom Robinson and Dominic Kesterton, they aim to create the most gorgeous sounds ever using the most ghetto equipment ever. Gorge.

Also trying to write some stuff for our next release which will be ready soon, got a lot of sweet ideas for it its gonna "take that shit to the next level" hopefully.

My best mate got smacked by a Bouncer last night, thats abit shit really, if anyone who actually reads this wants to know who that is hes the naked guy on our tour photos. Lovely.

peace x

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