Thursday, 3 September 2009

New stuff

Orlando usually does these things but since he's at college at the moment and im bumming around my house reading The Twilight Saga which is fucking amazing by the way (i dont care what you say). Erm yes.. i thought id take over blogging duties and stuff since i appear to have a lot of free time.

Anyway updates...

We recorded our album a few weeks ago with David Lawrie, check him out. A damn fine producer he is. (Imagine Hagrid saying that from Harry Potter, so good.) But yes anyway, we recorded it and we are very happy with it even though the hours we worked were insane. I was doing guitar parts at 5 in the morning, it was horrible. We are just getting pressing costs and all that sorted, we hope everyone likes it.

Erm our boyfriends in Surprise... Fire did us proud the other day by playing reading and leeds festival which is impressive considering they have only had 6 gigs. Jelous.

Anyway thats all for now i think, enjoy the miserable weather!

Love x

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